Pranav Kumar

Project Description

Designation: Associate Director - Customer Development, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Pranav Kumar has over 23 years of rich experience in pharmaceutical industry. He has worked for Cipla and Dr Reddy’s in various functions. His expertise is in developing & implementing customer centric innovations deploying design thinking approach. Various Clinical educations programmes developed and implemented by him had made a significant difference in the practice of healthcare professionals. He has been instrumental in driving Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Medical Doctors in India in consultation with global experts. CPD as defined by World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), is continuing development of the multi-faceted nature of medical practice, covering - in addition to knowledge and skills of medical practice - the wider domains of professionalism (e.g. medical, managerial, social and personal subjects) needed for high quality professional performance.

Pranav has been working in developing and scaling up patient support tools & programmes for increased engagement, treatment adherence and improvement patient experience in the chronic disease management. He has worked in designing and scaling-up patient education, digital HCP education, digital customer engagement, CRM, content marketing, mobile adherence app, online pharmacy, growth strategy, talent capacity building, PR & etc.

Pranav is a bachelor in Science, PG degree in Journalism and MBA - Marketing.