Dr. Pinak Shrikhande

Project Description

Designation: Principal, HealthQuad

Dr. Pinak leads the HealthQuad team in deal sourcing, clinical evaluation, market understanding, due diligence, and investor relations. He works closely with portfolio company management teams to add tangible operational and strategic value.

Dr. Pinak has over 20 years of experience in critical care medicine, healthcare operations and management. He was previously the director of critical care medicine at Fortis hospitals. He also held senior positions at Lilavati Hospital and Safdarjung Hospital. Currently, he also serves as director of CritiNext, Asia’s largest e-ICU provider.

Dr. Pinak has an M.D. in Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases, D.N.B. in Respiratory Diseases, and is a fellow with the National Board of CriticalCare.